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The Client

There is no better certification to see that our customers come back.

The bond that we build with our clients is the backbone of our company. We understand the honor and responsibility to have their heritage in our hands.


We value the level of commitment on reaction to our Client´s trust. We pursue results that meet his expectations as we make his interests ours.  We use the whole potential of our organization to offer a range of options and solutions that allow for any approach, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

We prefer Great Clients rather than Big Ones.

"These 40 years we are grateful to those customers who during this time have trusted us, who have recognized our work and have called us back, who have recommended us and who have given us their endorsement."


"Passion and professional enthusiasm, linked to the commitment to serve and be the best, have been the guideline for 40 years. You have a great team, always committed and at the bottom of the canyon. I wish you many more years of success and that you can continue enhancing our country through your works."


"It is a great pride for our beloved Mexico to have a Group with such high human and business quality. For me it has been a real pleasure and satisfaction to work with you. The projects we have carried out together have fulfilled my expectations and more."


"Grupo Impulsa continues to do so, with its 40 years of presence in construction, it continues to be fresh, dynamic and with a spirit of change. A company that values ​​the restless young promise as the old experience, combining both appropriately and amicably."

Working with Architects

We value a true collaboration with the architect. We understand the balance between respecting their vision and proposing adaptable solutions for his project.

Use of materials

The materials and finishes are the raw material with which we shape our work. We have a selection of materials which seek to inform our Clients with a gradient of quality and costs in a summary of what exists today in the market.

Turnkey Services

Contamos con esta modalidad de contratación donde se trabajan soluciones integrales cubriendo necesidades específicas pactadas con El Cliente. 

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