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Message to Our Staff

Each and Everyone of Us SUPPORT the Impulsa Brand

Being part of this team implies a total commitment to the ideals and culture of Grupo Impulsa. We are all key pieces.

We believe in constant collaboration and learning through teamwork with a high sense of self-criticism. We work with HONESTY and INTEGRITY in everything we do. Today, we are proud to be a different company, to contribute to our country by building quality buildings and spaces that last and contribute to our society. Impulsa quality comes from the quality of its people.
We are here because we believe in our company, we are excited to think about the future but we take responsibility for the present. We learn from mistakes, we help each other and we grow toward a clear goal: Doing things right. We are efficient, we believe in the value of our time as the most valuable tool. We contribute with inventiveness and we give our best effort because we know the satisfaction of achieving what we propose. We smile because we are like that, because we enjoy our work.


The General Directorate


"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

Henry Ford


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